How Interstellar Helps With The Eucharist

JP and I watched Interstellar a couple of months back. I was fascinated, and still am with how they depict the concept of time.

As a human, I have occasionally been irritated that we are confined to the dimension of time. Though a world where we are not would probably be very different than our world now. Probably very bizzare. To us. But just the idea that we can only go forward along this continuum at this pace, and the past only lives in memory for us is frustrating at times.

Yes, this movie starring Matthew McConaughey has helped me understand what is happening in the Eucharist.

Except… when you think about how just because we are confined by time, doesn’t mean that time is the same everywhere, or even that everything in existence is confined by it.

Like God.

God is outside of time, and can do things outside of time. And I believe that he does.

Let’s go back to Jewish History a little bit, of which I know little. But we met a new friend last night- a great evening that I’ll share about someday- who shared with me that the Jewish understanding of the Passover, even when it was celebrated years and years after the original event, wasn’t that they were just commemorating what once had happened. No, they believed they were participating in that same exact, one time event. That the bounds of time were broken as the spiritual interfaced with the physical once in actuality, but for us humans over and over again throughout the years.

Because… time. Things can happen outside of time.

Likewise, the Eucharist is not simply remembering the Last Supper, an event that happened once 2,000 or so years ago. It is an actual particpation in. that. event. The same event. The same one that Jesus and the original disciples were at.

I’m sorry Catholics, but why do you not get more excited about this? No other Christian church has that! Not only do you get to enter into the actual physical presence of Jesus each week at Mass, but every celebration of the Eucharist is breaking us out of the confines of time for a moment and allowing us to participate in one of the biggest events that our entire faith hinges upon! The sacrifice Jesus willingly made for our sins by pouring out His body and His blood for us. This is no ordinary situation!

It is almost too much.

So, thank you Interstellar. Thank you for being a very thought-provoking movie. For allowing me to understand time differently. And for helping me to more greatly understand the significance of the Eucharist at Mass.