Moving Forward

It’s been a while ProtestantInterrupted friends!

I wanted to write a bit of an update. 🙂

After much consideration, I knew that I wanted to continue to tell the story of my Catholic faith. But it sort of seemed like the purpose of this blog- to find out the truth about the Catholic Church had been served. I’m no longer an Interrupted Protestant- I’m a Passionate Catholic! Shocking, amazing, best thing ever to happen…

But how to proceed?

That’s when JP and I started talking and considering a joint effort to write about our faith and how our lives are lived out within the Catholic Church. Ok, well, that’s when I approached him about the idea- but he was open to it. 🙂

So, several weeks ago, we began the process of creating our own blog, together, from where we could move forward in this new way. It was very exciting!

And now I’m excited to share with you the fruits of that work, and to tell you that we hope to see you there!

If you’ve found this blog interesting, or helpful, I can assure you that my husband has more interesting things to say than I do much of the time. (haha) :). But, it’s truly a joint effort, and we would love to have you follow us as we continue to live out our Catholic faith together.

We can be found at

And also at

May the love and peace of Christ be with you!



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