Here I sit, a week after Confirmation, so very thankful!

First of all, the Savaryn’s turned out en masse for Easter Vigil. Another family member and I were both to be confirmed at the Cathedral of St. Paul in the Twin Cities, and the Savaryn’s nearly filled 3 pews. So much support.

I also didn’t know that you receive gifts upon confirmation. I am now in possession of some awesome Catholic Confirmation Swag… rosaries, books, CD’s, decorative pieces for my home. It was so lovely and so thoughtful of everyone. And it was so cool to just see the genuine happiness on people’s faces that had been praying for me for years.

And then to be confirmed by the Archbishop of St. Paul and Minneapolis, and to know that he can trace his lineage, as all priests can, to one of the original apostles… amazing!

Me and Archbishop Hebda.

I can honestly say that the past several years have been exceedingly restless for me as a Christian. And I can also honestly say that after Confirmation, I looked around the Cathedral and at all the people there supporting us, and having this sense of being a part of something so much bigger than myself, bigger than time and history and Earth, and I just knew that I was home. I am restless no more. Thank you Jesus!


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