First Communion

Last week, I received my First Communion in the Catholic Church. One of the biggest moments for me was bringing up the gifts. We were asked to do that as a way to sort of help mark the special occasion, where JP was receiving communion for the first time in several years, and I was receiving my First Communion.


I didn’t realize how cool that would be. To bring up the wine and the bread that would be used in the Sacrament. Just a neat moment where the significance of it all kind of hit me.

Bringing up the Gifts.

Receiving the Eucharist was very emotional for us both. I think that stemmed from several things… what is happening in the Eucharist itself is enough to make one feel strongly, but that moment was rounding out a week that had begun with some very draining conversations, where we were feeling worn down, and the week ended with First Confession and First Communion for me. So quite a dichotomy! And it was just this whole thing about how on earth everything has changed for me theologically, and how now there is this access to Jesus on a completely different dimension than there was before, and how, in actuality, despite how I know and believe the theology of it, I understand it so little.

After Mass. Lissie was in Sunday School enjoying her little self. 🙂


The nice thing about the Eucharist is it wasn’t a once and done deal… I can continue to grow in my understanding of it, and how it will impact my life. One of my favorite memories looking back will be seeing the emotion my husband was feeling at coming back to a fuller and richer version of his home faith community. And having his whole family there with him, participating in it as well. I don’t think JP knew what he was leaving when he left it, but he does know now, and it made returning that much more meaningful.

In other news…

The separation process in leaving our Protestant church has become very painful, in many ways. We are in such a limited position, and are just praying for some grace from our friends and for ourselves to do this thing we are doing.





4 thoughts on “First Communion

  1. Lorelei.., somehow I feel as though I am intensely united with you and your family on this journey. I have such joy for you and I can only imagine the heavens rejoicing in you receiving this sacrament along with JP once again after many years ! Love in Christ, Aunt Lorraine


  2. One more thing.., please share with your followers when the Novena of prayer from “Our Lady of the Angels” monastery begins. You will be receiving a card from them very soon indicating when this novena starts . I shared your story with these Carmelite nuns from EWTN which is the Catholic station Mother Angelica started years ago. They are lifting up 9 days of prayers for you and your family Lorelei🙏


  3. This has been an emotional journey for you all. As you know, we’re never wrong to follow Christ’s calling, but following that calling isn’t always an easy road. I’m proud of you for staying the course. This will all be so worth it. Love you guys!


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