A Quiet Week

This week was a quiet one for me… partly because holiday preparations and a holiday/birthday party on Saturday took up some time, but also because I was working through a part of our RCIA book on the human and divine nature of Jesus, early heresy’s and the literal interpretation of the gospels. I really enjoyed learning about all of it, though it didn’t seem any different from what the universal church, as in both Catholics and Protestants believe. But, again, the emphasis on the importance of the history and working out the details of the theology so it is sound and correct was impressed upon me.

This morning we went to Mass with some of JP’s siblings, who were in town for the weekend. Obviously they are excited and supportive and interested in this process as well.

It was good for me to explain the process I’ve been going through with this search… I was able to describe my concerns/frustrations with Christianity as practiced in Protestant America. Having to articulate your thinking really helps bring some clarity. My main points centered on Sola Scriptura, Once Saved Always Saved, and that leading to apathy, my desire to be connected with the history of Christianity and practice the faith like the early church practiced it, the tangible ways to practice and grow in your faith that the Catholic church has vs. the Protestant church which mostly relies on personal Bible study and strong sermons, the reverence for God in the Catholic church and the rich symbolism… among a few other things. And how, my frustrations over time have been leading me to all of a sudden realize I might be thinking more like a Catholic than a Protestant.

I wish I could just blink and understand all that I need to understand to be ready to make a decision, but I know it’s going to take time. I’m looking forward to Christmas break when we will have several days off where I can hopefully carve out time to continue learning and working through things. I will be interested to see where we end up next Advent season.



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