I know for a fact that JP had plenty of it when he stepped away from the Catholic faith. I had plenty of it when I didn’t become Catholic when we got married.

Tonight, JP decided to share with one of his close friends what he considers an answer to a prayer to God for unity between him an myself. He has been feeling drawn back to the Catholic faith for some time now, and completely on my own I have been interested in looking into it as well.

Instead of thankfulness, JP was met with resistance. That we would be breaking our covenant of membership with our local congregation. That this isn’t the right way to go about things.

One area that we have struggled in is that during our membership class at our current church they didn’t go into depth on any of the things we tried asking in depth questions on- we we just sort of swept along in the process of it. We couldn’t find a time, or place, or person to go deeper with us. I felt like we tried very hard to be okay with it, then we wrestled, and wrestled some more, now we just can’t come out in the same place we thought we were when we started membership classes.

In some ways, I’m really sad about the chasm between Protestant and Catholic believers. But that’s kind of a reason for me to join the largest group of Christians on the planet… because the divisions are not how God intended the Church to be. And in other ways, it’s sad for me that JP’s friend doesn’t recognize that JP’s first covenant of membership was with the Catholic church… and that to JP it would be like returning home.

And that’s what I told JP about RCIA. I’m going to ask all the questions I have, and I hope people engage in it. I need to be somewhere where deep thinking about faith is common practice.

JP told his dad tonight… I hope I end up on the right side of this. It’s hard not to talk about such a significant movement, but it’s also hard to talk about it because many people will have strong opinions about what we are pursuing, and JP will need the support from his family. And it’s scary for me to be thinking about joining something I was so passionately against joining for so many years. Like… have I gone nuts, or what has changed in me that Catholicism is starting to make sense. And the question… will we lose friends? And the hope that we won’t.

I’m not looking forward much to the pushback that is likely inevitable. I hope it isn’t as I imagine it might be. That would be very difficult indeed.


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