I suggested we go to mass

It isn’t like I’ve never been to mass before. JP’s entire family is Catholic, so we always join them when we are visiting Minnesota. At the moment, I’m still kind of confused as to how I got here. And yet it all makes so much more sense than everything else I’ve been trying to sort out the past couple of years.

But Friday night, while out to dinner on a date, somehow it came up that I’d been thinking about Catholicism lately, and that perhaps this weekend we could attend a mass together as a family.

Photo on 12-6-15 at 2.08 PM
When you show up to mass and tell them you’re looking into Catholicism, they hook you up with lots of free books :).

JP’s a bit further along this continuum than I am. He was raised Catholic. He “left” during our early marriage so we could be united in our faith as we began a family. I had taken RCIA during our engagement but was just not at a place where I could make the conversion leap. I was actually really, really far from it. JP understood the issues I had with Catholicism, and, with fully good intentions and a commitment to his Christianity, began a unified faith journey that took him away from the Church for about 9 years.

We’ve done a ton of soul-searching, theology studying, question asking, and have found ourselves, though still young, more matured in our understanding and thinking than we were when we first got married. It’s my hope in the upcoming posts to chronicle this life-changing journey we’ve had- from the very beginnings of my faith walk, to this second time through RCIA with some new perspective and interest.

It is very possible that at the end of it all, I’ll find myself in the same position as before… Protestant… but hopefully with a better understanding of why I am Protestant. But it is also, for the first time in my life, very possible that I’ll find myself realizing that the past 10 years have been a slow and steady journey into a life in the Catholic faith.

I can’t even believe I’m writing that. It is so weird. Hopefully you’ll see through these posts why that is so astonishing… but, then again, when I piece it together, perhaps it won’t be astonishing at all. Maybe it will all make sense.




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